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Monophonic Tones :-

top 20 motorola chartsTop 20 Charts
lastest motorola tunesLatest Ringtones
classical motorola songsClassical
dance motorola songsDance
international motorola songsInternational
misc motorola songsMisc
the latest ringtonesNew Stuff
all our unallocated motorola ringtonesUnallocated
pop motorola ringtonesPop
rock motorla tonesRock
sport motorola ringersSport
tv and film moto tonesTV/Film
urban tracks motorolaUrban

Polyphonic Tones:-

top 20 motorola polysTop 20 Charts
latest motorola polysLatest Ringtones
classical motorola polysClassical
dutch motorola polysDutch
international polysInternational
misc moto polysMisc
new motorola polysNew Stuff
unallocated motorola polysUnallocated
norwegian moto polysNorwegian
pop motorola polysPop
pop tarts motorola polysPop Tarts
rock motorola polysRock
sport motorola polysSport
motorola text alerts polysText Alerts
tv and film moto polysTV/Film
urban motorola polysUrban

True Tones:-

top 20 motorola true tonesTop 20 Charts
dance motorola true tonesDance
misc motorola true tonesMisc
new motorola true tonesNew
unallocated motorola true tonesUnallocated
pop motorola true tonesPop
rock motorola true tonesRock
urban motorola true tonesUrban
christmas motorola true tonesChristmas


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